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    Anthony Irausquin



WEB Aruba NV, formerly a government department, became a “self-reliable” company, in 1992, which resorted under the holding company, Utilities Aruba NV. 

WEB Aruba N.V. is the main power producer on the island, whose power is mainly delivered to the distribution company NV Elmar. Besides power production at the WEB Aruba NV facilities, by fuel oil driven engines and also steam turbines, power is also produced at another facility, and sold to WEB Aruba NV, by an independent wind power producer.

Drinking water is also produced by Web Aruba NV, mainly by a desalination process with reverse osmose, or through an integrated process utilizing steam. WEB Aruba NV also handles the transport and distribution of this potable water to its customers.

Nowadays WEB Aruba NV is a modern company, ready to face Aruba’s needs and the challenges of the third millennium with state of the art facilities and equipment, latest technological advances, highly qualified personnel, and continuous improvement of service, efficiency, and reliability of its operations.

During the last decade, WEB. Aruba NV has invested approximately 250 million dollars to upgrade, modernize, and expand its water production and electricity generation by installing additional boilers, a desalination unit, modern automated control systems, and a new turbine generator, which lead to huge gains in efficiency. An integral part of these advancements has been the development of its personnel.

Future investment in more energy efficiency, more renewables and also storage of energy, will result in a higher RE penetration, maintaining stable and reliable power production at affordable tariffs, all according to the desired sustainability target of its shareholders.

Website: www.webaruba.com


ELMAR NV is a limited liability company and was established as a private owned company in 1950, which had both power production and distribution. In 1964, the production was transferred to a government department, while in the early nineties, all its shares (99,6%) of the distribution, were acquired by the Government of Aruba, through the holding company Utilities Aruba NV. ELMAR NV is the sole power distributor on the island of Aruba, and at the moment all power is bought from the power company WEB Aruba NV, besides a very small portion produced by solar energy from an independent power producer and/or from distributed generation (DG) connections on their grid.

ELMAR NV strives for a service oriented business model where the client is central and quality of service is guaranteed, while also moving towards other business models. Quality of service is partially defined in a stable and reliable transmission and distribution grid, but also in quality in good customer relations. Stability and reliability is achieved by the continuous, proper and timely maintenance of the grid, while customer relations will be safeguarded with the Customer Information System. This system will enhance a personal relation with the customer, which will also require highly motivated personnel, to keep the customer satisfied.

Part of this program includes a new smart metering system, which could make data available to the customer, but also enhance efficiency in several distribution processes. In 2012 ELMAR NV started replacing conventional streetlights to smart led street lighting  by LED technology, for their incredible efficiency and long lifespan of these types of lights. 

On the sustainability target, regulations have been adapted, to permit RE sources to be connected on the grid, and any “surplus” of energy by this source is bought by ELMAR NV, while ELMAR NV is also buying in power from an independent solar power producer. 

ELMAR NV is aware of its unique position and therefore needs to continue providing excellent service and creating sustainable value for their customers, employees, community and other stakeholders.

Website: www.elmar.aw