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Future Challenges

Wind Park: Rincon, Aruba

Aruba has a vision, namely, to not be driven by a sudden change, but to be the driver and lead the transition to a world free of GHG by 2050 in compliance with the Paris Agreement. One path to reduce GHG emissions in Aruba is the increment and integration of renewable energy resources, such as wind farms, into the existing energy grid. Utilities Aruba is committed to rapidly scale up renewable power generation, in line with the objectives laid down in the energy policy of Aruba.

Utilities Aruba, in consultation with its subsidiaries, hereby issues this EOI inviting experienced and qualified developers to express their interest and capacity to design, construct, install, own, operate and maintain the wind farm, installed at the designated site on the island of Aruba, and carry out the sale and purchase of energy to the Utilities Aruba Group, made available by such resources, during a supply period of up to fifteen (15) years.

The available land for the new wind park is located at Rincon, Aruba.

Registration date is August 15th, 2022 and the final date and time for uploading the proposal is October 1st, 2022 at 8:00am (UTC–4) at which time the link to “Dropbox 1” will automatically expire.


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