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    Utilities Aruba NV
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    Oranjestad, Aruba

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  • Anthony Rojer
    Managing Director
    Utilities Aruba NV

    Alfredo A. Koolman
    CEO / COO
    WEB Aruba NV

    Anthony Irausquin

Company Profile


Utilities Aruba NV (UA) was established in 1990 with its sole shareholder being the Government of Aruba. Utilities Aruba NV is the holding company for Water Energiebedrijf Aruba NV (WEB Aruba NV) who is responsible for the island’s power generation and water production, and also NV Electriciteit-Maatschappij Aruba (NV ELMAR) who is responsible for the island’s energy distribution and commercialization. WEB Aruba NV and NV ELMAR were incorporated as separate companies into Utilities Aruba NV, a holding company with the Government of Aruba as the sole shareholder.

Energy Trilemma

Abundance of wind and sun on the island, lead to the choice of both these renewable energy sources, but which also brought new challenges. Both these sources are intermittent power, so these investments in more sustainability would also require investments for maintaining reliability of the actual power production. Without the right framework, these investments could have endangered the affordability of actual energy tariffs. To resolve this energy trilemma, the framework “RAS”, was created in which the right balance between Reliability, Affordability and Sustainability is pursued. The right balance was only achievable if actual energy tariffs would remain the same, or even better, reduced.