2020 Vision Green Deck Aruba

On seeking the 2020 vision, Aruba’s utilities started their own efficiency projects, introduced renewables into the power production, and also new DG regulations, while government implemented tax incentives on renewables and also appliances, with a certain efficiency grade. We looked for strategic partners, to help us in our 2020 vision, and two renowned, “not for […]

Water to be proud of

As a small, semi-arid island with practically no surface water and little groundwater, providing its population of 110,000 plus the more than 1,000,000 tourists who visit annually with enough water is a major challenge for Aruba. Today, after almost 80 years’ experience in desalination technology, the island has managed to ensure sufficient water availability, boosting […]

Embracing the winds of change

With a new wind farm about to go live and the implementation of innovative energy storage solutions, Aruba is well on the way to meeting its sustainability targets, becoming a world leader in wind power generation along the way.

Green is cool with Green’S’Cool in Aruba, USA and Europe

Aruba, under the visionary leadership of its prime minister, Mike Eman, has set itself the ambitious goal of 100 percent fuel independence by 2020. To meet this goal, there are many aspects to tackle, and without acceptance, commitment and participation from Arubans, it will be hard to achieve.

Smart Community Aruba

As Aruba pushes ahead with its full sustainability project, it is not only focusing on industry and businesses. Smart Community Aruba is a 20-unit planned residential complex that will encapsulate the spirit of innovation that the island hopes will drive it towards a 100-percent green future. Utilities Aruba describes the project as a living lab, […]