Carlos Tapias starting a new venture

Our colleague and friend Carlos Tapias has left his position as Financial Analyst at Utilities Aruba N.V, starting a new chapter in his career. It was a pleasure working with Carlos and we wish him all the best in his new venture!

The evolution to a more sustainable Aruba is an ongoing process

  Another successful Green Aruba Conference has concluded The organizers of the Green Aruba Conference are very satisfied with the conclusion of yet another successful event. The 8th edition of this 3 day conference was filled with presentations, panel discussions and knowledge exchange on sustainable development, new ‘green’ technologies, environmental aspects of economics. A wide […]

‘Sunrise Solar Park’ one of the biggest solar parks in the Caribbean Region

To further raise the sustainability bar in the Aruban energy mix, WEB Aruba N.V recently was handed over 92.000 square meter of land, which was previously owned by the Refinery of Aruba (‘RDA’), following the contract signing of a 5.9 megawatt solar project with partner ISOTRON and the official groundbreaking of the ‘Sunrise Solar Park’ […]

WEB Aruba N.V. up to the energy storage challenge

ORANJESTAD – ARUBA: The transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy at WEB Aruba N.V. for the production of electricity and potable water continues. The company’s ambitious goal of 100% fossil fuel independence by the year 2020 has led to the development of solutions that provide reliable, affordable electricity around the clock. Such solutions require […]

Flywheel Project, a system that creates a buffer for sustainable energy

On November 4th WEB Aruba N.V. organized the groundbreaking of their Flywheel project, a system that creates a buffer for sustainable energy. This Flywheel can absorb fluctuations from sustainable energy sources creating more stability in energy production and distribution, increasing the overall efficiency of the electrical grid. Ministers Mike Eman and Mike de Meza where […]

Cutting emissions and cooling energy costs

A cooler island On 4th February 2014, the Aruban government and Utilities Aruba unveiled a new cooling system at the main office building of WEB, the country’s electricity generator and water producer. The new installation harnesses cutting-edge technology to help deliver on the vision of a greener, lower-cost energy future for Aruba. A partnership between […]