‘Sunrise Solar Park’ one of the biggest solar parks in the Caribbean Region

To further raise the sustainability bar in the Aruban energy mix, WEB Aruba N.V recently was handed over 92.000 square meter of land, which was previously owned by the Refinery of Aruba (‘RDA’), following the contract signing of a 5.9 megawatt solar project with partner ISOTRON and the official groundbreaking of the ‘Sunrise Solar Park’ in the east side of the island of Aruba in Lago Heights, San Nicolas.

WEB Aruba is proud to initiate the ‘Sunrise Solar Park’ project. This is a significant event for WEB Aruba because of the 16 million florin investment, and the complete ownership of a project of this magnitude. The Sunrise Solar Park will be one of the biggest solar parks on the island and the Caribbean Region. The solar project is monumental because it states the lowest price achieved for solar photovoltaic (PV) on Aruba to date.

The main focus of the ‘Decentralized Solar Photovoltaic Integrated Project’ is to construct a ground mounted solar PV system in San Nicolas, east side of the island, with a capacity of 5.9 megawatts. In addition to contributing to a more sustainable energy mix, this project supports the government’s agenda of repurposing part of the refinery premises.

This project brings WEB Aruba closer to their goal of completing all solar energy projects that are part of the Aruba Renewable Energy Strategy (‘ARES’) and portfolio. WEB Aruba’s mission is to reach an average of 5% solar energy penetration.

WEB Aruba expresses gratitude to all its departments who have also contributed to the development of this project and also, the Government of Aruba, Utilities Aruba N.V, N.V. Elmar, ISOTRON, Aruba Investment Bank, Brown Lawyers, Refinery of Aruba and CITGO who have played a fundamental role in making the ‘Sunrise Solar Park’ become a reality for the island of Aruba.

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